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25 Oct


I woke up really early this morning …a lot on my mind …but what really struck me was the stillness in the moment between the dark & the light, that transitional place where things start to take shape. Objects begin to take on form & dimension & ideas glisten like jewels of possibility in the […]

25 Oct

Camera Bags??

Can you ever have too many camera bags??? Just when you think you’ve found the ONE, the best, the most user friendly, accessible, the most compact, the biggest, the most attractive, you see or think of something lacking, something just not right. Your love wanes you move on, you want another. I must be fickle, […]

25 Oct

I love how a viewfinder

I love how a viewfinder puts a frame around a moment, contains the idea with in a border…Freezes the frame. I love to see what people fill their frame with, how they centre the image, the flow, the dialogue, the negative space, the moments between the lines, the subjects, those quiet moments that speak volumes

25 Oct

I love the afternoon light

I love the afternoon light in daylight savings, that golden hour where everything glows with such richness & romanticism. Objects seems that much more alive. The colours take on a life of their own, faces soften, people glow. I love shooting at this time.

27 Aug

The world is a beautiful place

The amazing thing about being a photographer is that you it forces you to see the details – to see the good – to find something worthy in the everyday.